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The Purple Line Cleaning offers the best residential and commercial carpet cleaning services to clean the carpets of your house, apartment, offices, or any other commercial centers. Contact us to hire our services..

The Professional Carpet Cleaning Company in Edmonton offering Residential and Commercial Carpet Cleaning Services


Carpet Cleaning in Edmonton


Carpets create a cohesive look to the interior decoration. However if the same carpet is kept uncleaned then it can act as a cause of allergies, and breathing problems. The dust mites that are contained in the carpet can only be seen with the microscope which slowly disseminates in the air making it contaminated. Carpet cleaning further ensures long life, durability while making them neat and clean. So, you could keep your favorite carpets for a long time. 


In commercial places, it is also important to maintain the fragrance from the carpet which otherwise starts emitting a bad odor. This is both uncomfortable and brand damaging. 


For residential areas, who have children or pets in their home, needs cleaning the most. Since your child takes their steps and falls on the carpet, sometimes sleep and most of the time play. So, for a healthy family life removing harmful dirt, dust, pet danger, and food particles are important to get rid of the trapped bugs, beetles, and dirt you should hire someone for Carpet Cleaning services in Edmonton. 


The Professional Carper Cleaning Services We Offer


Commercial Carpet Cleaning to Clean your office, warehouses, and other commercial centers  


Commercial Carpet Cleaning Edmonton


We proudly serve all the residential apartments and commercial places with our commercial Carpet cleaning in Edmonton, Alberta, and the surrounding areas, up to 200km outside of Edmonton city limits.


House Carpet Cleaning to make clean carpets and area rugs of all your rooms and apartments  


Residential Carpet Cleaning Edmonton


We offer our residential carpet cleaning services in Edmonton to clean the carpets, areas rugs, and all the curtains of your house. To hire our services of house carpet cleaning in Edmonton, give us a call at 587 990 9000, or fill the contact us form.


Purple’s Upholstery Cleaning Services to make your sofa look like new


Upholstery Cleaning Edmonton


The Purple Line Cleaning also provides all other cleaning services in Edmonton as well as the upholstery cleaning in Edmonton. The highly skilled cleaning professionals use the cleaning agents that are exclusively for sofas and other upholsteries, and also use dry vacuuming and shampooing techniques to make your sofas and upholstery shine.


Area Rug Cleaning to Make Your Rugs Shine


Area Rug Cleaning Edmonton, Alberta


We also offer commercial and residential areas for our area rug cleaning services in Edmonton. Contact us for all kinds of cleaning services, Alberta Carpet Cleaning Edmonton, move-in move out cleaning, to ease some of the stress of moving! Give us a call at 587 990 9000 to hire our professional cleaners.

Why hire us for Professional Carpet Cleaning Services in Edmonton


Best Carpet Cleaning Edmonton


If your carpets do not undergo regular cleanings, Using dirty carpet can be uncomfortable and even unhealthy. The services of regular carpet cleaning in Edmonton from Purple Line Cleaning not only help keep your carpets looking like new but also removes dust mites and other allergens that can adversely affect indoor air quality. 

Our trained and professional carpet cleaning experts of Edmonton gives you the highest standard of service in the care, cleaning and restoration of your carpets. We look forward to the privilege of cleaning the carpets in your home or business soon with our Residential Carpet Cleaning service, Alberta Carpet Cleaning Edmonton, and commercial carpet cleaning in Edmonton.


But if you are still confused with hiring us for Professional Carpet Cleaning in Edmonton, then here are the reasons why you should hire us for carpet cleaning in Edmonton, Alberta.


  • Advanced cleaning equipment

  • Separate dirt, and allergens from the carpet

  • Powerful carpet cleaning equipment that draws out all the water from the fiber and thus keeping minimal moisture in the fibers and making it dry soon. 

  • Elongates the life of the carpet and increases durability

  • A clean area for kids and pets

  • Cancels out the smell from the pets, kids, and food. 

  • Makes your carpet smell fresh and clean.

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In the time of this pandemics we offer the sanitization and disinfection services in Edmonton for residential and commercial sites at affordable charges.

Leave the tension of your Move in and move out cleaning services on us and invest your time on required things and what actually matters.

The best post-construction cleaning services in Edmonton to clean your house, apartment, offices, or any other commercial centers after construction work.

We provide effective pressure washing in Edmonton and surrounding areas, that results in a brand new look to your house, and other areas.