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The professionals at Purple Line Cleaning are experts in providing you the best services of kitchen cleaning in Edmonton, to clean kitchens of your houses, offices, and restaurants.

The experts of Residential & Commercial Kitchen Cleaning in Edmonton

Kitchen Cleaning in Edmonton


Our kitchen cleaning services in Edmonton are top-rated because we make sure to maintain high standards of cleaning through quality control measures. 


Everyone knows that a kitchen is the most important area of a residence or commercial place. It is a place that decides the health of the people. Therefore, certain conditions and practices must be maintained for healthy living and to prevent germs. 


Do you know the harmful bacteria which dwell in the kitchen cause nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea? 


So, are you really sure that your cleanliness is more than sufficient?


The invisible bacteria are quick to escape but our deep kitchen cleaning and furnace cleaning in Edmonton does not allow them to stay on your appliances or surfaces. 


The most common types of bacteria that persist in the kitchen include e-coli, salmonella, shigella, campylobacter, norovirus, and hepatitis-A. Areas, where they can be found, are sink faucet, refrigerator, oven handle, and trash containers. So, when these bacterias are touched, they spread to other surfaces and become the cause of the illness. 


This is why once a month deep our Alberta kitchen cleaning is preferred.


Residential Kitchen Cleaning to make your kitchen clean and bacteria-free 


Residential Kitchen Cleaning Edmonton


Our experienced team works on subtle details to make it smell fresh and look shiny. We, the stress-reliever make sure that the breakable items are handled with good care. 


Professionals really make a difference, not only through diligent cleaning by friendly and polite communication. Just give a call for residential kitchen cleaning in Edmonton and we make your kitchen lively again. 


Commercial kitchen cleaning to clean kitchens of restaurants, hotels, and offices


Commercial Kitchen Cleaning in Edmonton


It takes years to build a brand name and a little negligence can circulate a bad review among the patrons. To maintain the reputation in the food catering business the surface and appliance cleanliness matters. 


Moreover, Present food and safety regulations ensure that you are providing an environment that is thoroughly hygienic and complies with the current food and safety regulations. Our Professionals of Commercial Kitchen Cleaning in Edmonton ensure that your kitchen is completely clean and bacterial free that doesn’t harm the health of the kitchen and people who use the utensils, we also offer services of Exhaust Cleaning and kitchen Furnace Cleaning in Edmonton at affordable charges. 


More specifically we provide, 


Commercial Kitchens Cleaning Edmonton


  • Restaurants Kitchen Cleaning

  • Hotel Kitchen Cleaning

  • Corporate Kitchen Cleaning

  • Cleaning Countertops and Hard Surfaces

  • Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning

  • Kitchen Furnace Cleaning


Cleaning Commercial Appliances and Equipment Cleaning Services


Kitchen Furnace Cleaning Edmonton


  • Fryers

  • Burners, flattops and cooktops

  • Grills

  • Refrigeration units

  • Cleaning Sinks

  • Floor cleaning

  • Walls and ceiling


Why hire us for your residential or commercial kitchen cleaning?


Complete Kitchen Cleaning Edmonton


People are gravitated towards our kitchen cleaning services in Edmonton owing to,


  • Diminish the possibility of cross-contamination. 

  • Foodborne diseases or food poisoning is one major issue of food catering services. For this reason machines, equipment, and surfaces of the kitchen need regular deep cleaning.  

  • To lower the risk of pest infection and ensure high standards of food service to maintain the brand name.


Fill the Request a Quote form to know the estimation for your residential or commercial kitchen cleaning, or call us at 587-990-9000 or email at to hire our services.

In the time of this pandemics we offer the sanitization and disinfection services in Edmonton for residential and commercial sites at affordable charges.

Leave the tension of your Move in and move out cleaning services on us and invest your time on required things and what actually matters.

The best post-construction cleaning services in Edmonton to clean your house, apartment, offices, or any other commercial centers after construction work.

We provide effective pressure washing in Edmonton and surrounding areas, that results in a brand new look to your house, and other areas.