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Purple Line Cleaning offering disinfection and sanitization services to avoid the COVID 19 Virus and other Flu Viruses at affordable charges. Contact us now..

The Disinfection and Sanitization Services to avoid spreading flu and viruses


Disinfection and Sanitization Services Edmonton


A higher level of cleanliness is demanded be it a residential place or a commercial place. Tidiness by scrubbing, vacuuming, and mopping floors is alone no more sufficient to claim your living or workplace safe and healthy. Our disinfection and sanitization services in Edmonton exist to create the city virus and germ-free.

Germs which are also known as microorganisms can make anyone ill. These are invisible harmful bacteria that persist on many surfaces and pollute even utensils and food that you take or give to your children. The disinfection and sanitization spray that we use to kill, bacteria, and other prevailing viruses. 


The chemicals that we use are ideal to use around pets, children, and plants. 


The Cleaning, Disinfection and Sanitization Services by Purple Line Cleaning:-


Cleaning, Disinfection and Sanitization Services Edmonton

The disinfection and sanitization have become an important thing as well as cleaning, we at Puprle Line Cleaning offer all these services. Here are the services we offer in our cleaning, disinfect, and sanitization services:-


We Clean The Complete Area Before Sanitizing the Site


Cleaning Services in Edmonton


Sanitization and disinfection can’t be done if the place is not clean. So to avoid the virus spread, we clean your house or office first to disinfect and sanitize your location with our Sanitization and Disinfection  Services in Edmonton, Alberta.


Get your Home or Offices Sanitized in Edmonton from Purple Line Cleaning


Sanitization Services Edmonton


The Flu and COVID 19 virus can spread from the surface and air; also, the government suggests to sanitize/disinfect the houses and offices regularly to avoid getting infected with the virus. 


So with our Sanitization Services in Edmonton, after cleaning the place, we thoroughly sanitize your house, office, warehouse, or any other place you want, using the high-quality sanitizers, that kills the viruses from the surface and the air. 


We Disinfect your Locations at Affordable Charges in Edmonton and up to 200km Surrounding Areas. 


Disinfection Services Edmonton


Now getting infected with COVID 19 virus or any other flu infection is not a big thing. So many people are getting sick of these viruses, which makes the sanitizing and disinfecting required for residential and commercial places. Hire the professionals to clean your site and disinfect the areas with disinfection services in Edmonton.

Why hire us for disinfection and sanitizing services in Edmonton, Alberta?


Disinfection and Sanitization Services Edmonton

Our Disinfection and Sanitization services in Edmonton are the choice of many people in the city and the surrounding.


  • 99.99% of germ-free and long-lasting protection defending surfaces against microbial attack.

  • We use a tested range of pathogens. 

  • Human-friendly and eco friendly 

  • We use disinfectants and sanitizer spray which are free of chlorine, carcinogenic, bleaches or endocrine disruptive compounds. 

  • Used chemicals do not exhaust the microbial efficacy and advance microbial resistance. 

  • Chemicals are non-leaching and long-lasting. 


It is recommended that once a week the residential and commercial areas must be disinfected, to avoid the spread of flu or virus like COVID.


Hire our Disinfection and Sanitization Services:-


Alberta Disinfection and Sanitization Services

Fill the Request a Quote form to know the estimation for sanitization and disinfection services, or call us at 587 990 9000 or email at to hire our services.

In the time of this pandemics we offer the sanitization and disinfection services in Edmonton for residential and commercial sites at affordable charges.

Leave the tension of your Move in and move out cleaning services on us and invest your time on required things and what actually matters.

The best post-construction cleaning services in Edmonton to clean your house, apartment, offices, or any other commercial centers after construction work.

We provide effective pressure washing in Edmonton and surrounding areas, that results in a brand new look to your house, and other areas.